Quality control

A system of external evaluation or inspection of schools, common in many countries is also something that Hiram Bingham considers to be of considerable benefit in ensuring that our expectations of ourselves as a school are being met.

In 1996, the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC) was set up and currently includes some 40 British style schools from Argentina in the south to México in the north. In June 2002, Hiram Bingham submitted a range of detailed documentation and was visited for a week by a team of 12 teachers drawn from LAHC schools in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. The review covered all of the academic aspects of the school in the three sections Pre Primary, Primary and Senior. In general terms, the reports had many very positive things to say about the school. A successful follow up review was also carried out in May 2007. In May 2017, a further review took place, focusing on specific aspects of the school such as the use of technology in teaching and learning English across the school and the promotion of international mindedness.

The purpose of a review is obviously to help a school to improve and the exercise has provided Hiram Bingham with a number of areas on which to focus for further development. In general terms, the reports had many very positive things to say about the school. In addition to this, Hiram Bingham is also regularly reviewed by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

The Primary Years Programme & the Middle Years Programme were successfully reviewed in 2017 and the Diploma Programme in 2016.


In 2022 the school was successfully evaluated by the IB in all three programmes. This was the first time ever that a school in Peru has been evaluated in the complete IB continuum.