To obtain information on how to apply to our institution, please contact Ms. Cecilia del Solar:

Upper Nursery 2024

Vacancies 25

General information: available as from July 2, 2022.

For further information about our educational programmes and admission process, please make an appointment.


Admission Process 2024 as from August 16, 2022

Please submit the following documents:

  • - Application Form (DOWNLOAD)
  • - Passport size photo of applicant (colour with white background)
  • - Applicants Birth Certificate
  • - DNI, passport or immigration card copies. (applicant and parents)
  • - Registration fee US$150. CTA. CTE. N° 001-0176554 / CCI. N° 009-028000010176554-23 Banco Scotiabank - Asociación Promotora Educacional J. L. N. Hope del Perú. RUC: 20101162525

All documents must be sent to