PYP Programme of Inquiry

The Programme of Inquiry is a matrix made up of the six Transdisciplinary Themes running vertically, and the age groups running horizontally. Organizing the curriculum around the six transdisciplinary themes contextualizes the learning for the students. It enables them to experience a balance of subject-specific knowledge, concepts and skills in order to develop an understanding of the Transdisciplinary Themes.

Each Transdisciplinary Theme is accompanied by an extended description that explains what students will be inquiring into under this theme. It is used as a tool to ensure the balance of the Units of Inquiry under each theme.

Central Ideas

Each of the units of inquiry has a Central Idea. The Central Idea expresses concisely an enduring understanding. Each Central Idea will support students’ understanding of the particular Transdisciplinary Theme it is connected to, and challenges and extends students’ prior knowledge. The Central Idea is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant.

Our Program of Inquiry demonstrates the opportunity for deeper exploration of all eight PYP key concepts:

  • Form
  • Function
  • Causation
  • Change
  • Connection
  • Perspective
  • Responsibility
  • Reflection

The Central Idea is designed to promote conceptual development. The concepts help the students to develop their conceptual understanding and to extend their critical thinking capacity.

Lines of inquiry

Each unit will contain three or four lines of inquiry. The lines of inquiry clarify the Central Idea and define the scope of the inquiry. These contributing aspects of the Central Idea extend the inquiry, give focus to students' research, and deepen students’ understanding. Connections are made, as appropriate, between the lines of inquiry as well as with the Central Idea.