The PYP curriculum searches for a balance among conceptual understanding, acquisition of knowledge, development of skills, the modeling of positive attitudes and the decision to act responsibly. Therefore, it emphasizes in five essential elements: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and action.

At the heart of the programme’s philosophy there is a commitment to structured, purposeful inquiry as the leading vehicle for learning. Six transdisciplinary themes of global significance provide the framework for exploration and study:

  • Reflects the attributes of the IB Learners Profile
  • Is self disciplined.
  • Complies with all school rules.
  • Is an example for fellow students.
  • Has leadership qualities.
  • Is responsible.
  • Is creative.
  • Has a high self – esteem.
  • Has power of decision.
  • Participates actively and positively in different academic, cultural, artistic and sports activities of the school.