Language Support

Hiram Bingham is a school with a large proportion of Spanish-speaking students, where the curriculum is shared between two main languages: Spanish and English. However, being an international school, we have some foreign pupils from other language backgrounds who learn either English or Spanish (or both) as additional languages. Therefore, there is an important need for language support.

Language Support’s first main objectives are to build up and reinforce the student’s knowledge of English and/or Spanish by providing them with the grammar background and language skills to ensure an accurate, appropriate and fluent use of these languages.

Secondly it is the aim of the department to develop basic interpersonal communicative skills which allow students to participate confidently on a day-to-day basis within the school community. Where possible, we also promote the importance of our students’ mother tongue. Thirdly, the department seeks to improve the student’s performance in mainstream classroom tasks and external examinations so as to achieve genuine bilingualism and intercultural awareness.